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Services & Solutions

Manufacturing and engineering of utility, streetscape and miscellaneous items.

Southwest Fabrication LLC


Southwest Fabrication LLC, was established in 1997, and is located in Phoenix, Arizona. We are locally owned and operated by the Hintze Companies, which includes Southwest Steel Sales, LLC and Southwest Metal Coating, LLC as well as Lacor Streetscape, LLC.

Since our beginning we have become recognized throughout the southwest as a leading manufacturer of utility and transportation steel fabrication products. From traffic signal light poles and anchor bolt cage assemblies to city bus shelters and custom designs, we provide metal fabrication services for cities, utilities, distributors and contractors throughout Arizona. Southwest Fabrication serves the Phoenix metropolitan areas to as well as other major cities throughout the United States.

With our Engineering / CAD Department we can meet all of your manufacturing needs. We have maintained our premier standing with a commitment to excellence, superior products and excellent customer service.

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We hold safety to the utmost importance and our goal is to ensure all employees return home in the same manner as they arrived.

We pride ourselves on our quality of work and will stand behind our product.

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CNC Plate Cutting Services


Anchors / Cages

Standard and Custom Anchor Bolts & Cages


Custom Fabrication

From Concept to Fruition



Traffic Signals, Street Lights and Parking Lot Poles


Public Art Projects

Assisting Architects with Art Projects



Standard Utility Substations


Streetscape Items

Manufacturing Streetscape Items Through Lacor Streetscape


Traffic Signals

City and DOT Standard Traffic Signal Fabrication